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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read this page before contacting us.

For questions about our Hammerhead AR-15 Stock Adapter,
please read our Hammerhead FAQ.

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  • Payment
    Why did my credit card get declined?
    Credit card verification is an automated communication that takes place between your card issuer and our payment processor, Authorize.net.

    There are a few common reasons why a charge might be declined:

    1. Billing Address Mismatch - Your card issuer reported the street address or zip did not match their records. After triple-checking that you entered the information correctly, you might want to phone them to make sure they have the address right.
      • P.O. Boxes: Card issuers often report P.O. boxes as no match, even if this is the address where they send your bill. Many will verify your physical street address instead. You may wish to call them and ask what address they actually use for verification. If you still receive an error verifying your P.O. Box, try writing the PO Box numeric portion first e.g., 1234 PO BOX.
      • Apartment Numbers: Sometimes the bank will verify the apartment number instead of the street number. Try editing your address so the apartment number comes first.
    2. Security code mismatch - An incorrect card check number was entered during checkout. These are the 3 digits on the reverse of the card.
    3. Fraud alert - Your charge may have triggered one or more fraud alerts.

    Your card issuer is the best resource to resolve these issues.

    But my card works fine at other vendors.
    Many merchants don't require either the billing address or the CVV code to match. To minimize credit card fraud so we can keep our prices low, we require this information to match.

    My bank said the charge was actually authorized.
    To the bank, "authorized" means the card number was good and there were sufficient funds available. But that's not the whole story. The billing address and security code have to also match, and the bank won't know that they didn't match until Authorize.net notifies them the charge was declined due to one or more of those reasons.

    My card worked fine at your store before.
    Every charge verification is a new transaction and does not take into account previous charges. We don't store or touch your card information in any way.

    Did I get double-charged?
    Most likely not, but it certainly may look that way. When a charge is attempted, your bank puts a hold on the charged amount to be sure you don't spend it elsewhere. On a declined charge your balance goes down due to the hold but our balance does not go up because no funds are actually transferred. It can take the banks a few days to a month to reset your balance back to normal. You may be able to call them to expedite this process.

    What payment methods do you accept?
    Visa, Mastercard, Discover. We do not accept any other payment methods.
  • Stock / Inventory
    Do you sell or transfer firearms?
    No. We are not a licensed firearms dealer (FFL) and do not deal in firearms.
    Do you sell ______?
    Everything we sell is listed on our online store. Stocking status is updated automatically every few minutes around the clock 24/7/365. New items are added all the time, but we never have any ETA when any given item will be added to the store.
    When will you sell _____?
    Unfortunately we never have any estimate when new items will be added to the store.
    Is ____ in stock?
    If you can add an item to your cart it is in stock. Stocking status is updated automatically every few minutes around the clock 24/7/365.
    When will ____ be back in stock?
    Unfortunately we never have any estimate when items will come back in stock.
    I just got a back in stock email. Why is the item now out of stock?
    We have many customers interested in purchasing the same item that you had on your notification. Often by the time you receive the email and click the link, it is already sold out again. This is especially true for high demand items such as magazines and parts for the AR or AK rifles, and these can sell out in seconds. Please set another email alert and try again. Items can go in and out of stock very frequently.
    Can I place an order for something that's out of stock?
    Unfortunately we cannot accept orders for items that are out of stock.

  • Pricing & Discounts
    What is the price of _____?
    All prices are shown on our online store. Some manufacturers have established minimum advertised price policies and in that case you would have to add the product to your cart (no commitment of course) to see the price.
    Will you Price Match?
    Our philosophy is to set our prices as low as we can possibly set them, so we do not price match.
    Is this very low price for real? Are the items seconds or used, or are parts missing?
    The prices on our store are for real, and our items are all 100% factory new and complete as supplied by the manufacturer. Products are never sold used unless so marked on the product page. We set our prices as low as we possibly can. Our low overhead and heavy use of automation allows us to keep our costs down and pass the savings on to you.
    Why did the price change?
    Our suppliers can change their wholesale prices at any time without notice and that will be reflected in our price automatically.
    Are you still offering a discount that I saw on your store before?
    Any discounts currently available are shown on our store. We may offer promotions and special sales from time to time, and they are usually time-limited.
    Do you have a Military / Law Enforcement, Calguns or other group discount?
    Our philosophy is to set our everyday prices as low as possible. Therefore we do not offer any type of group discounts.
    Do you have a coupon code?
    We use coupon codes to track the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns. We only give out codes through those campaigns. We do not give out coupon codes over the phone or via email request.
    I forgot to enter my coupon code. Am I out of luck?
    Unfortunately coupon codes must be entered into the proper coupon code input field at the time of order. It is not possible to redeem the code after an order has been placed.

  • Shipping
    Can _____ be shipped to my state?
    Please click through to the desired product page to see a list of restricted states. Note that there could be additional locality restrictions that are not shown on the product page.
    What is the shipping cost for _____ ?
    Our ship charge is computed by our store automatically at checkout time and is displayed on the bottom of the page when you add an item to your cart. Everything we ship goes via UPS. We offer a few popular flat rate shipping options including UPS Ground, UPS 2nd Day, and UPS Next Day Air Saver.
    Is there a cheaper shipping option?
    We ship UPS flat rate as our standard, regardless of the weight of your order. The shipping charges are shown at checkout time.
    I am a law enforcement officer in a restricted state. Can you ship me prohibited items?
    We do not ship prohibited items to law enforcement officers or agencies in restricted states, even though it would be legal for us to make such a shipment. We encourage all law enforcement officers in restricted states to press for the repeal of infringements on the second amendment rights of their citizens.
    Do you offer local pick-up?
    Unfortunately we do not offer local pickup.
    Do you ship outside the USA?
    We ship to USA addresses only.
    Why doesn't my tracking information show up?
    Shipping companies take some time to update the tracking status on their websites once a tracking number has been issued. Generally you should see some tracking update after 24 hours, often much sooner.

    The Post Office doesn't provide a tracking number, but rather a delivery confirmation number. Sometimes it won't update online until after the shipment has been delivered. Please allow the post office ten days to complete delivery and if it hasn't shown up by then, contact us about the missing shipment and we will re-ship.

  • Orders
    How do I combine multiple orders, add an item, change or cancel my order?
    We strive for the highest speed possible in getting your order to you. All orders are processed immediately. For that reason we can not combine orders, add to an order, change an order, or cancel an order once it has been placed.
    Where is my order? / Where are the other items I ordered?
    All orders ship out the same business day if placed by 3PM Central Time. Your order may be shipped in multiple packages delivered by multiple shipping services. We automatically email you a tracking number as soon as possible after your package ships and those emails can sometimes end up in your SPAM folder. Please check your Order History on our store to see your complete order status including tracking numbers. You can find our shipping policy at this link.
    Do you have a print catalog? I'd like to mail in a handwritten order form with a money order.
    To keep our prices as low as possible, we publish our product catalog online and accept payment only via credit card. There is no printed catalog.
    Can I phone in an order?
    To protect the integrity of your credit card data, we do not conduct business via phone. Please place your order online at www.exilemachine.com.

  • Legal
    Is product X legal to use with Product Y?
    Please contact a competent firearms attorney for the best answer to all your legal questions.
    Is _______ legal to use in my state/locality?
    Please contact a competent firearms attorney for the best answer to all your legal questions.
    What does it mean when a product page shows "We do not ship this item to" my state?
    There are three common reasons for this:
    1. The item may be illegal to purchase by a resident of a listed state, in which case we simply can't sell or ship it to you. -or-
    2. Due to state-specific legal burdens on the purchasing process, our cost of selling an otherwise legal item to a resident of a listed state will greatly exceed our advertised price. We have only one price for all customers so if the item cannot be sold at the advertised price, we will not sell it.
    3. The item may be drop-shipped from a manufacturer or distributor who chooses not to ship that particular item to a listed state.

    Please note that there can be restrictions down to the local level as well as state level and these are not shown on the product page.

  • Product
    Can you offer a product recommendation?
    Unfortunately with thousands of items in stock we just don't get a chance to try them all out. We can not offer product recommendations.
    What products do you sell that work with my firearm?
    For the most up to date information we recommend that you check the gun manufacturer's website or contact them directly for a list of part numbers that are compatible with your particular firearm. You can then search our store for that part number to see if we carry it and have it in stock.
    Does product X have a date, manufacturer, or other particular stamp or marking?
    Unfortunately it is not possible for us to determine what stamps or markings a given product will bear.
    What do I do if a product came with missing parts, damage, or doesn't work?
    For fastest service, please contact the manufacturer directly for warranty support and/or replacement.
    Can I call you with a question about a product or for any other reason?
    For the most accurate and timely response to your question, after reading this FAQ please contact us using the contact form below. To keep prices low we communicate 100% via email.
    Can you offer help with installation of a product?
    We do not provide help with installation of any product. For safety reasons, if you are unsure of what you are doing we strongly recommend that you contact a competent gunsmith to perform installation of any firearm-related accessory or part.
    Will product X work with / is it compatible with / will it fit on product Y?
    Please contact the manufacturer of the products for questions concerning compatibility.

Please scroll up and read the FAQ carefully before contacting us. Click a question to see its answer, click again to hide the answer.

If you have a question concerning a particular product, please include the PART NUMBER in your query.

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