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Osprey Scopes Reviews

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Talking about hunting and weapon kits, we can’t deny that Osprey Global is an international leading company that produces high quality, avant-garde sniper accessories with distinguishing designs. 

Tested by the US Military and guaranteed to perform exquisitely, below are the best Osprey scope reviews you have to check out.

Best Osprey Scopes Reviews

1. Osprey Global Elite Series 8-32x56 Glass Etched Lit Reticle

Osprey Global Elite Series 8-32x56 Glass Etched Lit Reticle

If you are looking for quality-assured optics equipped with unique and originally-designed features regardless of a big-ticket purchase, go with the Elite Series 8-32×56 Glass Etched Lit Reticle.

Elite Series scope is big and long, which is intended to be used in rifles that shoot at long ranges. However, it is relatively light in weight despite its huge appearance.

With regards to its reticle, the product comes with 3-color illumination (Red, Green, Blue), and the etched reticle is a special factor that contributes to its excellent performance.

Another special feature is the “Hoya glass” appareled in this model that comes from Japan, which offers a lens quality far above expectations. It’s covered with several layers of protective substances, which is a great edge for it to meet end visual goals.

Without a doubt, this Elite Series model is an ideally used weapon for hunting and shooting at long distances. You can also compare this side by side with Nikon and Leupold scopes for better decision-making.


  • A scope for long-range rifles
  • Etched reticle
  • Relatively light in weight
  • Equipped with Hoya multi-coated glass
  • Easy to handle
  • Ideal for professionals


  • More expensive compared to other models

2. Osprey Global 10- 40x50 Riflescope with Mil Dot Reticle

Osprey Global 10- 40x50 Riflescope with Mil Dot Reticle

For a budget-friendly option, this riflescope with Mil Dot Reticle is a good deal.

This type of rifle offers high-quality features and accessory kits that make it one of the best yet affordable riflescope of Osprey Global. Handling is assured by using Epoxy, which also meets the essentiality of shooting at long-range distances [1].

These make Osprey scopes perfect for gaming and hunting because its performance and shooting capacity are unexpectedly like that of other high-end models.

The Mil Dot reticle is also a special mention for its good power range as it helps shooters determine the distance, size, and bullet drop regardless of the scope’s magnification settings.

Aside from its excellent features, the price and quality ratio is also a big thumbs up for those looking for lower-end alternatives, because these days, it is rare to find long-range scopes with this extraordinary quality under a 500-dollar price range.

The K6 6×38 riflescope from Weaver is also another affordable medium- to long-range alternative you can check.


  • More affordable compared to other Osprey models
  • Quality scope for long-range shooting
  • Aids poor eye sights
  • Mil-dot feature makes shooting precise
  • Complies a capacity like those of high-end models
  • Exquisitely-designed


  • Images may be a little brighter

3. Osprey Global 4x32 Mil Dot Reticle

Osprey Global 4x32 Mil Dot Reticle

Another riflescope from Osprey Global which is underestimated in the market is the 4×32 Mil Dot. This model is quite simpler when it comes to build and its features, making it ideal for professionals and beginners willing to be trained.

This scope comes at a standard quality price, with 4x magnification which is also equipped with mil dot reticle. Aside from this, the 4×32 Mil Dot is shockproof, waterproof, anti-fog, and anti-corrosive with a matte black finish for its simple design yet fantastic performance.

However, we found out that these characteristics and unique lineaments, which are totally different from other products that Osprey normally releases, make this item hard to find.

It also has some specifications and construction features that distinguish the Osprey model which greatly contributes to a shooter’s easy handling and navigating.


  • Novel design and unique build
  • Equipped with Hoya multi-coated glass
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals
  • Budget-friendly
  • Anti-corrosive, fog-proof, waterproof, shockproof


  • May be hard to find for some

Osprey Buying Guide

When buying an Osprey rifle scope, you have to pay attention to its accessories and parts so you can determine where and how to use it. Here are some of the factors you should consider when buying a new rifle scope, based on our first-hand experience of doing an Osprey scope review:


Before purchasing a rifle scope, you have to determine first its specific purpose. 

There are various scopes used for different purposes like game shooting, which can require 2.5x – 4x magnification, while target shooting requires a higher magnification of up to 10x. 

The weight and size of your scope are also important as this will indicate its portability wherever you are bringing it, or if you’re going for a pleasant day or maybe on foggy and misty trips.

Lens Size

Regarding lens sizes and diameters, 40 to 44mm is a standard size on a medium variable rifle scope. Having a large lens of more than 50mm is not really recommended.

The detriment with large ones is its comfort and ease of eye alignment. If your scope is properly mounted, you should be able to close and open your eyes and look directly through your scope, shoulder your gun, and have a repeatable stock weld.

We also reviewed other brands, such as Leatherwood, which you can read to help you consider the proper scope for you.

rifle set up against a green landscape

Reticle Design

Choosing which reticle design to equip your scope is crucial as this provides you an on-point aim and shows you the distance and where your bullet will go. Here are the common types of reticle designs:

  • Crosshair reticle. This was the first reticle designed for riflescopes. Crosshair is good for aiming precisely but isn’t as effective as other reticles, especially in low light.
  • Duplex reticle. This is by far the most common design which is perfect for hunting. It allows you to quickly aim more accurately at a moving or smaller target.
  • Mil Dot reticle. This design is most used by snipers for long-distance shooting. Mil dots can be used to determine bullet drop and wind drift, but it needs training.
  • BDC/ Ballistic reticles. Ballistic reticles are commonly used to compensate for the effect of bullet drop. This allows you your most accurate shot as this helps you to properly line up your shot.
  • Illuminated reticles. Illuminated reticles, as its name suggests, are commonly used for shooting in low light conditions. This way, you can easily see the crosshairs of your reticle.

Our Top Pick: Osprey Global Elite Series 8-32x56 Glass Etched Lit Reticle

Osprey Global Elite Series 8-32x56 Glass Etched Lit Reticle

Without a doubt, the Elite Series 8-32×56 Glass Etched Lit Reticle is the best deal we’ve tested from Osprey Global. Despite its huge appearance, it is actually the lightest among the three, weighing over 26 ounces only.

Being equipped with the Hoya glass, etched lit reticle, and 3-color illumination, this scope exceeds expectations when it comes to long-range shooting.

Though it might be pricey, it’s better to risk your money for a rifle scope that will assure adaptable use with accurate aims, and the Elite Series totally has it. With these advantages, it is clearly the top choice among the options in this Osprey scope review.

Explore more options, or compare established brands for scopes against each other. We wrote all about Nikon VS Vortex scopes, which you can read about next!

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