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In a multitude of online information about guns, Exile Machine stands out with our first-hand knowledge and widespread experience from a team of firearm experts and enthusiasts.

Mission statement

At Exile Machine,  we aim to reach out to a wider gun-loving audience: shooting professionals, hobbyists, newbies, and even those just curious about owning a gun. We promise a place for every type of gun enthusiasts in our website, covering common and not-so-common questions with our collection of informative articles about guns, how to acquire one, proper maintenance, ammos to use, safety precautions, enrichment of shooting skills, gun laws, and everything in between.

Our roots

The Exile Machine is rooted on some serious love for firearms and everything related, started by our founder, James Hershey. From a simple interest in hunting back in his younger years, decades of knowledge and experience led James to mastering the craft of shooting. With the creation of this website, he found the perfect place where his expertise as a gun aficionado can be shared to anyone who needs it.

What to expect

Expect to find reliable and unbiased information in Exile Machine, all focusing on the latest and most beneficial details about firearms today. We will deliver real product reviews, review roundups, buying guides, and info articles about the most relevant gun brands, types, and models, plus a lot of advice on shooting and gun ownership, straight from our firearm experts themselves.

We will continuously publish interesting articles and blogs that will keep you updated, but this is not a one-way street–we’d love to hear from you too. Contact us at ____ for any questions or suggestions and check out our social media accounts to follow our constant updates. Also feel free to reach out to us by email for guest posts requests if you’re interested in writing for us.




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