Product Portfolio

Featureless Rifle Products for Ban Compliance

Operational Capabilities

Product Design, Marketing and Manufacturing

Injection Molding

Exile Machine partners with industry leading injection molding firms to leverage the economy of scale and industry experience required to deliver top notch injection molded nylon parts for the firearms industry.

Additive Manufacturing

Exile Machine has significant investment in state of the art additive manufacturing capability which we operate in house. We run a farm of industry leading commercial FDM (filament) 3D printers as well as UV Stereolithography (SLA), and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS) of both metals and polymer. We also design and build our own proprietary machines when needed capabilities are unavailable in commercially available products.

About Exile Machine LLC

Exile Machine LLC was founded in August 2009 with the mission of supporting firearms enthusiasts in restricted states. The success of our initial product design spawned a full time business, and we now supply a range of compliance parts. We are based out of a secure facility in North Idaho and partner with major industry suppliers to bring the highest quality compliance parts at a price that won't break the bank.

Free Designs for a Restricted Market

Ban compliance device designs should be free of patent. We have designed and marketed more different featureless compliance devices than any other manufacturer, and we've released all our designs under a creative commons license. Anyone should be able to take an existing compliance design and make it better. The aggressive stifling of innovation through the patent process has no place in this coerced market. We encourage other manufacturers to follow our lead. We encourage creative individuals to take what we have and make it better.